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Large Air Permeability Antistatic Polyester Spiral Dryer Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt

Product Application

Our main products are: polyester molding mesh, polyester dry mesh, polyester spiral filter belt, pressure filter, sludge dehydration fabric, washing pulp nfabrics, weaving belt, polyethylene belt, decorative belt, puffed food conveyor belt and anti- Electrostatic conveyor belt and more than 10 kinds, hundreds of specifications. 

This product is specially designed for non-woven machinery as consumables. It is used for making forming fabric, paper, napkin, baby wipes and sanitary napkins, etc. 

The raw material of the product is PE or PP, it will cause static during production, so we'll do anti-static treatment for our spunbond belt. Anti-static wires will be applied, or do anti-static dipping will be done for our products.

It enjoys the features of wearable. Due to its unique structure, the non-woven produced will be more durable, so the cost will be saved.