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Polyester Mesh Belt

Polyester mesh is currently one of the main drying and filtering materials in the world, so it is widely used in the chemical industry, paper industry, printing and dyeing industry, metallurgy industry, mining, food drying, pharmaceutical fields. Especially in the papermaking field, it is an indispensable and expensive consumable dewatering equipment in the papermaking industry. It is also called polyester papermaking net when it is used in the papermaking field. According to product shape, it can be divided into polyester square mesh, polyester spiral mesh and so on.


Whether it is in the drying field of municipal sludge, or in the drying field of chemical industry, food, non-woven fabrics, etc., the drying mesh belt required by the drying equipment must withstand the test of high temperature on the one hand, and can run smoothly at high speed on the one hand , This makes the mesh belt from the material to the production requirements are extremely high. Yiqing uses high-viscosity polyester (PET/PP/PA) monofilament material through advanced equipment and process organization production, polyester mesh production process is generally Yes: Sizing, weaving, one-time setting, plugging, and second setting. The polyester spiral mesh can also be filled with round or flat yarn in the mesh according to user needs, and the air permeability can be adjusted at will to meet the process requirements. It is mainly used for washing pulp, coal and sludge dewatering. It is better to be used in low air permeability parts in the drying section of paper machine



1. The radial direction of the filter belt is not easy to deform, do not arch, and do not fold

2. High strength and long service life

3. It has the advantages of acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance (can be operated for a long time in the environment of 180 ℃), etc.

4. The mesh surface is flat, the tensile strength is large, and the ventilation performance is good. High heat transfer efficiency, can save energy for users.

5. Convenient installation and use, no mark on the interface, and the strength can reach 100% of the normal net.


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