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Polyester Mesh Belts

Polyester Mesh Belts – Polyester Monofilament process conveyor belting is available in a wide variety of yarn thicknesses and apertures. Polyester mesh belting is characterised by high reliability, easy handling, thermal and chemical resistance coupled with dimensional stability.


Polyester mesh is used as a carrier belt for drying within the printing and textile industry and also used as dewatering belts for fruit and vegetables in the food industry. These materials are also found in separation and filtration applications like water treatment plants and flour mills.

Features / Benefits

The nature of polyester belting is such that it offers a very durable long lasting media for extended life.
Strong polyester fibres provide excellent stability.
Material Properties

1) Excellent chemical, thermal and high permeability for ease of cleaning.
2) Food approval: USFDA approval
3) Working temperature: +150°C to -75°C in dry conditions. 70°C+ in wet conditions (polyester can suffer from hydrolysis in hot, humid conditions, typically in the presence of steam)

Additional Information

Available in widths up to 3000mm wide in various styles.

The jointing mechanism of the belts is given special attention and can be manufactured in a number of ways ranging from metallic clipper types to integrated spirals. The edges too are given extra attention and can be reinforced with special materials that make them resistant to fraying and abrasion by impregnation, encapsulation or RF welding.