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Export Blue Food Machinery Conveying Polyester Mesh Belt

Food conveying polyester mesh belt is two, three comprehensive flat weaving net series with polyester monofilament as raw material, according to different wire diameter and mesh made of various models, also known as square hole net, mainly used for food drying , paper mill long net paper machine to produce paddle board paper net, wood-based panel factory paving machine mesh belt, material screening, environmental protection and other industries use, etc.

According to the category, Polyester Fabric Net can be divided into one and a half layer dryer fabric, double layer dryer fabric, flat wire dryer fabric, flat double warp wire dryer fabric and special material dryer fabric.


3shed, 4shed one layer and a half Polyester Fabric Net are suitable for drying cultural paper, printing paper and packing paper etc.


Flat wire and flat double warp wire Polyester Fabric Net is suitable for the fore several heating box of the drying zone, quality papers can use the both.Special material Polyester Dryer Fabric have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and aging resistance etc.



1. Can I get free samples?
If the sample is available, yes, can be free. If unavailable, need to customize.


2. What is your minimum order quantity?

Actually there is no MOQ for our products. But usually we recommend a quantity based on the price which is easy to accept.

3. Which payment method you can accept?

Generally we adopt T/T, LC, Western Union, PayPal, Escrow and Money Gram